Our history

Track record in exporting brand names worldwide for more than 30 years
We are a Johore-based company that has been exporting apparels to the US, Europe and Japan since 1984.
We produced a variety of styles for departmental and retail stores overseas – from kids-wear to adult-wear, from pants, tops, shirts to dresses for both men and women.
We have an established track record in producing for international brands, complying with a high standard of quality and product safety.
 We are a certified facility that conforms to international standards for manufacturing and quality. 
Why we are excited?
We are excited to be able to serve our fellow Malaysians with products that conform to the same high standards and expertise.
Finally, Malaysians can get access to a high-quality product that is previously only available to foreign consumers. We employ the same stringent testing that our international customers demand for the BEST fabrics and final product.


Our portfolio of past & current OEM customers: