The FREEDOM collection is made from organic cotton integrating a natural, chic style with sustainable materials.
EMOSEWA shows how athleisure-wear can be luxurious without compromising our environment.   

 Why Organic Cotton ? 


Environmentally Friendly

Emosewa believes in natural fabrics. We use mainly cotton, which is biodegradable - it breaks down over time, hence does not add to our environmental waste. We do not use synthetic fabrics which is detrimental to the environment as it does not decompose.

Our products are made from the best cotton, constructed with high precision and strength so that it can be worn over and over again for a long time. We do not subscribe to fast fashion, which are not made to last, hence causing fabric waste to surge globally as consumers throw them away after wearing a few times.

We believe that all you need in your wardrobe is one (or maybe two) good t-shirt and a nice hoodie, even though that will mean you will buy less from us!

We use recyclable products for our packaging. No plastic, only paper-based items are used. We do not believe in unnecessary wastage – hence you will receive our products with the bare minimum packaging, with little frills.